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S1 Boot Fastboot Driver Download Windows 7l

aptop sikun, it could be that ubuntu 14.04 is still on 10.04, but try to upgrade it i will be right back, thank you kostkon iceroot, are you talking about booting without grub? sikun, ok I'm using ubuntu 14.04, and I have this weird situation with the usb ports: all of them work if they're connected on boot (using bootable usb), but if i remove the usb connection after the initial boot they don't work at all (no keyboard nor mouse response) i have to reboot manually for it to work again, and i don't know why that is happening kostkon: kostkon: looks like the boot menu comes up in Windows, but the auto loading does not work and goes to the bootloader/menu kostkon: it gets stuck at the first option. iceroot, I've had the issue that grub would not load, but if I did boot without grub by using a particular USB drive I would boot fine (similar to your situation). I guess grub just has to be on a particular partition and that particular USB drive can be bootable s1, what about the time there at the end of the paste kostkon: what do you think? kostkon: it was 24:18 s1, so that's the time it was booting the system, what does the system's clock say right now? kostkon: not sure. kostkon: it says it has been shutdown.. s1, ok, so it's booting without grub iceroot, I had to switch to another USB drive to get my laptop to boot at all. Hello, would anyone mind helping me with a simple GRUB install? kostkon: i guess

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